Movie: Quarantine

Posted on April 8, 2009



I just tried to watch the movie Quarantine.  I say tried, because I couldn’t get passed the first 20 minutes.  It is all filmed like you are looking through the camera lens of a tv cameraman.  I really hate movies like this.  Even a 5 year old kid knows to put the camera down so it doesn’t shake.

It is like the “Cloverfield” movie that really sucked for the same reason.  These movies might have been half way ok if the people making them had any idea how to make a movie.  Some people say it makes it seem more realistice.  Am I the only person out there who doesn’t see everything shakeing while I am walking or running?

Anyway, even if you are so boared you feel you could kill yourself unless you have something to watch, I would seriously consider it before watching this piece of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twenty minutes of my life I will never get back.

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