Springdale, AR to Vernon Hills, IL

Posted on May 2, 2009


On April 29th, I left the Fort Smith, Arkansas area planning to drive home. Along the way, near Joplin, Missouri, I decided to check out a place called “Reptile World Zoo”. I finally found the place, parked the van in their small lot, got my camera out and was heading toward the door, when I got a call to pick up a run about 70 miles south of the way I just came in Springdale, AR. So, I got back in my van, put the camera away and headed back south.
When I got there, they thought it wasn’t supposd to be picked up till the next day, so after a few phone calls, everything got straightened out and I was loaded up. I ended up picking up a transmission for a Kenworth Semi.
I had plenty of time to get to Vernon Hills, IL, but since I had to go near Chicago to get there, I wanted to try and drive it straight through, all 670 miles, so I wouldn’t have to drive in Chicago rush hour traffic the next morning.
Once I got to the Vernon Hills area, it was very foggy and it made driving and finding roads rather difficult, especially since I was already tired.
After a very long run and several energy drinks I made it up to my drop off point only to find out they were closed till the next morning. I was very tired at this point and found a Wal-mart where I was going to get a few hours of sleep. Unfortunetly, when I got to the Wal-mart, it was not a 24 hour store and I could not sleep there, so I drove back to the place I was dropping off and just parked in their lot and got a few hours of sleep.
I woke up, got unloaded with no problem and then drove about 30 miles to a truck stop about half way between Chicago and Rockford. There, I slept good for a few hours.

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