The Drive Home

Posted on May 8, 2009


I got a pretty good night’s sleep at the rest area and woke up, did my paper work for the week and started heading toward the house. I ran into quite a bit of rain and storms on the way home. When I got to Evansville, I stopped the the Flying J truck stop on I-64 and US 41. Turned in my paperwork, got a couple new shirts (Two and a Half Men style) and again, started toward home.

While on I-164 I got a call to pick up a run in Henderson, KY and started heading that way. The run was supposed to have been ready when I got there, but of course it was not and I had to wait about an hour to get loaded. Finally, I was loaded, but I can not drop off till Monday morning in Bellevue, OH, so I am going to spend friday night and saturday at the house and head out Sunday afternoon.

I will be broadcasting Sunday if you would like to watch, check out my live streaming video then at .

I will post map and all for this run after I drop off monday, or you can go to my webcam page now and check out the route info.

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