Movie Review: Star Trek

Posted on May 9, 2009


The New cast of Star Trek

New cast of Star Trek

Before I start this review, I must first state that I am a BIG Star Trek fan!

There will be no spoilers in this review, so feel free to read on.

Ever since I heard the news about a new Star Trek movie coming out without the original cast I was VERY skeptical, especially when I learned the J.J. Abrams was going to direct it.  I have not really cared for anything he has done except for “Fringe” because the man does not seem to know how to keep a camera steady.  Maybe he has some sort of illness that makes him see the world shaking all around him, and if so I am sorry, if not … Dude, learn to use a steadycam, or a tripod, or at least put it on a table or something!

I was really scared for the Star Trek franchise. Fortunetly, my fears were put to rest … for the most part. In the begining of the movie there is quite a bit of the bad hand held camera junk and I almost walked out because of it. Thank goodness I decided to stay.

All of the acting is done very well and the special effects are done very well. The story is fantastic. In the beginning, there were several points I was not pleased with, but as the movie went on it was explained.

One thing I was pretty dissapointed it was the soundtrack. It is not near as bad as the new “Battlestar Galactica” soundtrack, but it definitly lacked the trek sounds we all know and love.

All of the actors do a wonderful job of portraying their characters, especially Karl Urban who plays Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy!

The show reminded me a lot of the classic Trek series with some very good humor. There were also several moments where true Trek fans will really appreciate what happens. The Enterprise has been reworked on the inside and it didn’t bother me too much because it actually seems more realistic the way they have done it.  I really like the way the show uses the scenery as background and not overtaking the story.

There were several parts of the show where I actually had tears of joy in my eyes because of the way it was done. Something that has not happend to me in a Star Trek film since the Wrath of Khan.

Overall, I have to say  it is the best Star Trek film since “The Wrath of Khan”. You do not need to be a Trek fan to see the movie. Everything is explained well, although it would help in being able to get some of the jokes and teary eyed moments. hehe

If you get a chance to see this wonderful movie, let me know what you think.

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