TWJ – Robards, KY to Laredo, TX

Posted on June 15, 2009


I picked up a run friday in Robards, KY to take to Laredo, Tx. I couldn’t drop off till monday morning, so I drove back home (only about an hour or so) after picking up and had dinner and then headed out around 7pm.
I stopped at a rest area for the night on I-40 west just west of Memphis, TN. I got up the next morning and drove to Wimberley, TX to spend a day with my mother. Had a good visit there.
Sunday evening, I left there and headed to Laredo. I started having to put water in the van. I thought it was just because it was so darn hot, but I was wrong. More info on that in a bit.
I got down to my drop off point in Laredo, but had to wait till 8am to unload, so I hooked up the generator to the roof air conditioner and slept nice and cool in the van even though it was 85 outside. I even had to put a sleeping bag on my feet. hehe
Woke up the next morning, got into the drop off place and then had to wait another hour to get unloaded. Finally did and then drove about 2 miles and the engine died and I luckily coasted into a gas station. Looks like my serpentine belt is broke.
I am waiting on a tow truck now to take me to a dodge deal to hopefully get it fixed. I will give more info later.

Here is the route I took on the way down here.

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