TWJ – Elkmont,AL to Woodhaven, MI

Posted on June 25, 2009


After I unloaded from the load to Huntsville,AL, I started heading back to the house. There was a van ahead of me down there and it was REALLY hot and humid. I figured I could sit in the a/c at home and it was only about 5 hours away.

I crossed into Tennessee from Alabama and then fuled up at a Loves truck stop. .

After I fueled up and started heading north again, I got a call to go back to Alabama and pick up a run going up to Woodhaven,MI. Good run, so I didn’t mind turning back around and driving another 77 miles back the way I came. hehe

I got loaded with four small boxes of auto transmission sensors for Ford that weighed about 50 pounds all together in Elkmont,AL.

After getting loaded, I started heading north again and ran by this guy who was driving his oversized load in the center lane instead of the right lane. Sure caused a back up and most people had to actually go out of their lanes to avoid this guy.

I made it through Tennessee and here is the border into Kentucky. .

After this photo, I started having a lot of trouble with the van shutting off while I was going down the road, so I shut off all my electrical stuff and finally made it up to my drop off point around 5 am. After I brought them in my little boxes, I drove to a truck stop right next door and got a few hours of sleep.

When I got up, I charged up my battery. I then hooked up my small laptop to a deep cell battery so I wouldn’t use the van battery and drove home with just the laptop, no radio, no fan and no air conditioning. Boy, it was a LONG and HOT drive and I made it all the way home about 20 minutes before dark. If I would have had to turn on the lights, it probably would have died again.

Now, the van is in the shop getting a new alternator put on. I sure hope that solves the problem.

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