Movie Review – The Angry Red Planet

Posted on July 2, 2009


I just watched this old movie from 1960 called “The Angry Red Planet”. Most of the stuff I have seen about it didn’t sound good, but you know me, I just had to watch it for myself and I am glad I did. It is not near as bad as what I had heard when you consider it was made 49 years ago. The acting was good, the story was good. The special effects are laughable by todays standards, but ok for back then. Also, the very end of the movie reminded me of 2001. I wonder if the writers of that movie watched this?

If you like older movies with a good story, I think you will enjoy this one.


After disappearing without a trace and being given up for lost, a manned probe to Mars is observed returning to Earth but will not respond to any contact. After mission control risks an automated landing, they find that there are only two survivors, one critically injured and with some strange growth on his arm. Doctors turn to the other surviving astronaut, Iris Ryan, for answers.

Gerald Mohr … Col. Thomas O’Bannion
Naura Hayden … Dr. Iris ‘Irish’ Ryan (as Nora Hayden)
Les Tremayne … Prof. Theodore Gettell
Jack Kruschen … CWO Sam Jacobs

Here is the trailer: