TWJ – Greenville, KY to Fort Smith, AR

Posted on July 27, 2009


Friday, I picked up a run in Greenville, KY to drop off at the Whirlpool plant in Fort Smith, AR Monday. Since I didn’t have to drop off till Monday, I drove back home and spent Saturday there visiting with my Father, Brother and his son. We all had a good time.

I left Sunday around noon and had a nice drive. When I got to the Whirlpool plant, I was able to unload myself around midnight instead of having to wait till 6:00 AM.

After I unloaded, I drove to a rest area and was going to spend the night there. While I was getting ready to set things up, I realized I was sweating a lot just standing there thinking, so, I decided to drive a couple miles down the road to the RV Park I usually stay at and spend the night there. I sure slept good.

Got up today, did some running around, didn’t get a run, so I came back to the RV Park and that is where I am spending the night again. I sure hope to get a good run wednesday.

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