TWJ – Evansville, IN to Warren, MI

Posted on July 31, 2009


I picked up a run Wednesday evening at Guardian Automotive in Evansville, Indiana and dropped it off Thursday morning in Warren, Michigan.

I had two big metal racks of front grills for a Chrysler vehicle. They filled up the back of the van so I had no room to sleep back there. I arrived at my location about 3 hours before I could unload, so I tried to get a little sleep in the front seat. I have have gotten a little, but not much.

After I got unloaded, I drove about 80 miles west to a rest area and got a few hours of sleep. After I woke up and packed everything up, I drove to a Love’s truck stop in Marshall, Michigan, fueled up, turned in my paperwork, got a bite to eat and then drove back to a rest area.

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