TWJ – Homer, MI to Woodhaven, MI

Posted on July 31, 2009


Thursday, while sitting at a rest area near Mashall, Michigan, I got a call for a short run picking up about 20 miles away in Homer, MI and dropping off a couple hours later at a cross dock in Woodhaven, Michigan. I guess a short run is better than no run. hehe

I had to drive about 20 miles on rough 2 lane roads to get to my pick up spot, but found it with no trouble. The place was actually closed when I got there, so I had to walk around inside the building for a while before I actually found someone. I was eventually loaded up with some prototype parts for Chrysler.

Once loaded, it was a quick drive to the cross dock where I got unloaded. After getting unloaded, I drove down to a cross dock in Swanton, Ohio and spent the night.

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