Three Dog Night Concert

Posted on August 12, 2009


Saturday night, a friend and I went down to Casino Aztar in Evansville, Indiana for a Three Dog Night concert. This is a group that was big back in the 1970’s and I have always liked their music.

From 1969-1974, nobody had more Top 10 hits, moved more records, or sold more concert tickets. In 2008 THREE DOG NIGHT continues to top the list of artists with the best Billboard Top 100 Chart average!

During this period Three Dog Night was undoubtedly the most popular band in America with twenty-one consecutive Top 40 hits and twelve straight gold LPs. By late ’75, they had sold nearly 50 million records.

The show goes on… Since 1986, Three Dog Night has toured extensively. Their records continue to sell in great numbers and they receive regular airplay on radio stations around the world.

We got to the casino about an hour before the concert was to start and I am glad we did. About a quarter of the seats were already filled in the outdoor concert area when we got there.

We got a couple seats about half way back, got some drinks and popcorn and waited for the show to begin. It is really amazing all the types of people that were there. From young 20 somethings to what looked like people in there 70s.

As the show began everyone began to tap their feet or clap their hands or just sing along to the classics. Almost everyone was respectful of others and stayed seated and didn’t cause any scenes. It was a very nice show.

There were several times in the show when they would tell some of the stories about the good old days and that was very entertaining as well.

Here are some pictures I took. Sorry that most of them are blurry, but we were swaying back and forth a lot. hehe

2009-08-08-TDN concert 1 2009-08-08-TDN concert 2 2009-08-08-TDN concert 3 2009-08-08-TDN concert 4

2009-08-08-TDN concert 5 2009-08-08-TDN concert 6 2009-08-08-TDN concert 7

Here is also a couple short videos I took. Far away and no sound.

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