Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Posted on February 28, 2010



An alternate-universe adventure that will forever change the way comic-book fans view their favorite DC superheroes, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths finds a heroic Lex Luthor recruiting Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and J’onn J’onzz in an attempt to save planet Earth from a villainous Crime Syndicate headed up by Superwoman, Ultraman, and Owlman.

For some reason, I still really enjoy the animated movies. When I heard about this one, I was looking forward to it and I was pleasantly surprised. Overall, it was a pretty darn good story and movie. Unfortunately, some of the voices, just did not seem to fit the character. For instance, William Baldwin does the voice of Batman, and it just doesn’t seem to be right for some reason. Also, Mark Harmon’s voice of Superman, just didn’t seem to fit either. Other than those, the others were pretty good.
I think if you like super-hero movies, you will enjoy this one.

Here is the link to the official site: Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.

William BaldwinBatman (voice)

Mark HarmonSuperman (voice)

Chris NothLex Luthor (voice)

Gina TorresSuperwoman (voice)

James WoodsOwlman (voice)

Jonathan AdamsJ’onn J’onzz (voice)

Brian BloomUltraman (voice)

Bruce Davison … President Wilson (voice)

Josh KeatonThe Flash (voice)

Vanessa MarshallWonder Woman (voice)

Nolan NorthGreen Lantern / Power Ring (voice)

James Patrick StuartJohnny Quick / The Jester (voice)

Carlos Alazraqui … Breakdance / Aquaman (voice)

Richard Green … Jimmy Olsen (voice)

Jim Meskimen … Captain Super / Deadeye (voice)

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