Movie Review: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Posted on May 7, 2010



“It’s the 21st century, but the gods of Mount Olympus and assorted monsters have walked out of the pages of high school student Percy Jackson’s Greek mythology texts and into his life. And they’re not happy: Zeus’ lightning bolt has been stolen, and Percy is the prime suspect. Even more troubling is the sudden disappearance of Percy’s mother. As Percy finds himself caught between angry and battling gods, he and his friends embark on a cross-country adventure to catch the true lightning thief, save Percy’s mom, and unravel a mystery more powerful than the gods themselves.”

I really liked this movie. Some of the acting could have been better and the directing could have been better and also, it seemed like they were trying to fit too much information into 2 hours and it didn’t seem to run smoothly, however, it had some really good special effects and a GREAT story.
If you like fantasy movies, I recommend checking this one out, and if you do see it, let me know what you think.

Movie Trailer:

Logan Lerman … Percy Jackson

Brandon T. Jackson … Grover Underwood

Alexandra Daddario … Annabeth

Jake Abel … Luke

Sean Bean … Zeus

Pierce Brosnan … Mr. Brunner / Chiron

Steve Coogan … Hades

Rosario Dawson … Persephone

Melina Kanakaredes … Athena

Catherine Keener … Sally Jackson

Kevin McKidd … Poseidon

Joe Pantoliano … Gabe Ugliano

Uma Thurman … Medusa

Maria Olsen … Mrs. Dodds / Fury

Julian Richings … Ferryman