New DEVO album for 2010

Posted on June 17, 2010


I just got the new Devo album and I have to say it Rocks … or should that be Waves? 🙂

Devo’s ninth studio album, “Something for Everybody,” is more than the new wave art rockers’ first record in 20 years–it’s an ongoing multimedia, performance-art-project-slash-marketing-campaign designed to reintroduce the band as “DEVO Inc.” with engaging and hilarious commentary on American corporate culture and conformity. The album’s 12 tracks were chosen through a crowd-sourced “Song Study” and are true to the band’s longstanding formula of synth-and-guitar jolts, hyper-catchy riffs and winking comment on the human condition. While there’s a uniformity across the tracks in tempo and vibe, first single “Fresh” booms out of the gate with an unforgettable refrain, while “Please Baby Please” and “Human Rocket” have a bounce and crunch made for the gym or dancefloor. The track “Step Up” is hard-beating and inspirational compared with the slight cynicism of political disco jam “Sumthin’.” There’s also a contemporary fullness and distortion in the album’s production that updates Devo’s sound without sacrificing its unmistakable essence. –Evie Nagy

Here is the band performing the single “Fresh”.

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