Today’s garden adventure

Posted on June 30, 2010


Here are just some pics of from me working in the garden today.

This is the pickin’s from the garden today. A couple zucchini, a tomato, and a couple banana peppers.

Just me behind some of the lilies in the front yard. These things sure are getting big.

A close view of me trying to hide behind those lilies. I don’t think it is working too well. 🙂

Just me in one of the beds in the side yard. I really like the plant with the purple flowers behind me.

Me behind some more lilies in the side yard.

My lettuce in the garden bolted sky high after all the heat the last two weeks. Anyone have any ideas on a good way to stop this from happening?

The pesky rabbit in the back yard is making good use of my cauliflower. Too bad I probably won’t get any of it this year. Anyone have any solutions for this problem? In other words, how to keep the rabbit away.

I think the rabbit likes the broccoli much more because he has almost totally eaten these plans all the way gone. Again, any good ideas would be appreciated.

A couple rows of radishes coming along well.

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