Moved pineapple plant back outside

Posted on July 3, 2010


Here are a few pictures from the yarden today. Yes, I said yarden. Both my yard and the garden. 🙂

I moved my pineapple plant back outside to the garden today.

Here are the remaining two zucchini plants in my garden. The two to the left of the picture have died back already for some reason. At least I got a few zucchini off of them before they died.

I hope this is the rabbit that had been in my yard. I sprayed some special homemade hot sauce mix around the garden and I have not seen him out there for a couple days. Hopefully, he will like it in the field better. 🙂

Closer picture of the rabbit. Looks like he saw the big shadow and said OH NO. 🙂

This is Butterscotch and Tasha watching me wonder around outside.

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