New kitty cat

Posted on October 30, 2010


A couple days ago, when I came home from work, I heard a cat meowing outside and thought one of our cats might have gotten outside, so I followed the sound and found this cute little kitty. I played with it for a while and then set out some food for it, thinking it would be gone the next day. To my surprise, the next day as I went outside to leave for work, this little guy came running from around back and we played for a little while and then I gave him some more food and a bowl of water.
He is very friendly and playful and I thought for sure he belonged to someone. I was worried about him all night at work. When I got home, I guess my brother had decided to keep him because he had brought him in the house and it seems we have a new kitty in the house. He seems to get a long with the other cats and he has a lot of energy.

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