Star Trek Mr. Potato Heads

Posted on January 28, 2011


Mr. Potato Head is going where no Potato Head has gone before.

For the young or the young-at-heart Star Trek fan, a new toy arriving this summer should prove to be popular.

Star Trek Mr. Potato Heads will be released in August, beginning with a Captain Kirk and the Klingon Kor set.

The first set “includes a variety of components to mix and match and is perfect for play or display!” The set will sell for $30.00 each and can be pre-ordered now.

Future sets will include characters such as Spock and Uhura, and may also feature original series equipment and or Enterprise components.

“Even though it’s taken a lot of time and hard work, this project is like a dream come true for me, speaking personally,” says Dean Gorby, PPW Toys’ business manager. “I grew up in the 70′s and TOS was my favorite show. So to work on a project like this is surreal.

“It was very important for us to base the first Star Trek Mr. Potato Head figures on TOS. Mr. Potato Head was created in 1952 and in the 60′s he grew more popular, so his history overlaps with TOS. Plus, it just seemed like the right fit; the ‘classic’ series works perfect with this ‘classic’ toy character.”

Those wishing a sneak peek can see the Star Trek-themed Mr. Potato Head figures at the New York Toy Fair next month.