Newburgh, Indiana High River

Posted on March 21, 2011


Here are some pictures of the Ohio river above flood stage. It has gone down quite a bit already, but I wanted to get some pictures while it was still up.

This is just me in front of the river.

This shows how close the river had come up to the road.

This shows the ramp going down to the boat ramp. It is under water now.

Here you can see how far the river is up by looking at the trees that are now out in the river.

Here you can see some of the driftwood and trash left along the bank at around the high water mark.

Here you can see about how close the water came to the road.

These are steps that lead down to where the boat ramp and car park normally is. Uh, it is underwater also. 🙂

The river at sunset.

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